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Are you after the most flexible pool builders Gold Coast has on offer when it comes to designing you swimming pool water feature? Look no further.

A water feature addition to your swimming pool on the Gold Coast can be one of the best ways that you can transform your backyard and produce your own backyard oasis setting. Swimming pool water features are becoming more popular with home owners and those that are putting in unique pools. Here we will provide you with an insight into all things water features to explain why you should consider one.  We will also cover off how they can be so valuable for your overall pool design. Check out the below video with some unique water features and spill overs, and start being inspired!


A swimming pool is a hub for leisure and happiness in a home and in order to make your backyard more inviting and relaxing, adding some features to your swimming pool can be a helpful touch. Your pool is a wonderful place to spend quality time with children, neighbours, family and more. Adding a water feature can transform your pool into a work of landscape art rather than just a run of the mill pool.

Adding these features can help create that further focal point to your Gold Coast swimming pool, further adding to that luxury appeal. Our team of Gold Coast pool builder will work with you in designing that perfect water feature you see at swanky hotels, and in magazine shoots. Adding in a water feature will make sure that your yard looks absolutely breathtaking at all times.

Adding in a water feature is sure to increase your property value. There are many potential buyers that may fall in love with the idea of entertaining by a grand unique water feature with the beauty of your backyard pool. It can make a great impact on the overall design of your backyard and create a true WOW factor for entertaining guests.

When designing your water feature we will help guide you through the design. This includes incorporating your requirements whilst helping to ensure it ties into the current surrounds, entertainment area, and overall swimming pool concept. And if you need a hand in selecting your pool tiles, we provide an onsite tile selection consultation! 


Picture an overflowing spa where water runs over the edge and into the pool, creating that unique water feature and subtle sound of running water! Adding a water feature could divide up your pool and allow you to put in features like a separate hot tub area that is connected to the pool. You can also add in some extra benefits like improving relaxation with a fountain running while you are in the pool or offering a beautiful entertainment feature for your home too.

Our team of pool contractors will even help you incorporate custom lighting. Lighting up fountains and water features are a wonderful way that you can improve the nightlife with your pool. We can even light up water jets which offer a cost effective solution to creating that sound of running water.

Installing a water feature does not have to be as expensive as you may think. There are water features that can be installed for any size pool. Some of these include deck jets, water fountains, stack stone water feature, and grand statement pieces. You may even consider incorporating statues and other elements as part of your water feature.

If you would like to learn more about adding a water features to your new pool, contact Palm Beach Pools on the Gold Coast today!

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