The swimming pool excavation stage has to possibly be one of the best stages of pool concrete pool construction. This is when the construction work first starts. It’s when the reality of being a new pool owner sets in. When excavators and bobcats are a welcomed sight!

Our team arrange all the machinery to dig your pool in line with our agreed plans, drawings, and scope of works. However, Before the excavation of your pool commences, we will meet with you on site to mark out the swimming pool. We do this together with our client to go over the engineering plans and set expectations round what will happen on the day of the dig. This includes reclarifying points of access and the finer detail in removal or spreading of soil. We will also confirm the machines being used as set out in the contract including bobcats, excavators, and trucks.


  • When excavating for a pool we first remove any top soil to expose the earth beneath. 
  • From here we will continue digging away using an excavator
  • As we progress through the excavation any soil will be removed or spread using the bobcat. – This will be defendant on your agreement with Palm Beach Pools.
  • Sometimes when we dig we may hit rock and require a rockbreaker. The rockbreaker is designed to manipulate large rocks and make them smaller so they are more manageable and easier to remove
  • One the excavation is complete will pour a small gravel bed and surround the pool area with safety fencing to ensure no one falls in.
  • From here you can expect our team will complete a site clean up to wrap the day up ready for steel fixing and concrete.


Have you been told by other builders that your access is not suitable for machinery? Have you had your hopes and dreams of being a swimming pool owner shattered? Well, here at Palm Beach Pools, our team are the most flexible pool builders Gold Coast has on offer when it comes to tricky access. Not to mention we love a challenge. We literally never say no and we always find a solution to your problem.

Check out a recent dig we completed below. You can see in this video how steep the access is, but we are determined on making this homeowners dream come true. – pretty cool right?


We pride ourselves in keeping your backyard as clean as possible both during and after excavation. On completion we will sweep or hose down any muddy pathways and ensure everything is nice and tidy.

For a quote in your new pool contact Palm Beach Pools today!
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