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Did you know that we are an authorised installer of one of Gold Coast’s most trusted infloor pool cleaning systems? We will plumb your swimming pool in-floor cleaning system without any hassle. 

Whilst there are many brands of in-floor cleaners on the market. We use the Paramount Infloor system through Pool Water Products, which is well-known for its effectiveness in cleaning swimming pool pools. Only the best!

concrete pool infloor pool cleaning system design and installation

What is an In-Floor Pool Cleaning System?

The main drain in the in-floor cleaning system is designed to remove any debris from the pool’s deep end. The pop-up sweeping heads used in in-floor cleaning help push the debris into the drain. Once the debris has been pushed into the drain, it is transported to a large container that traps large particles and then goes into the pool filter. The process of cleaning the basket is similar to cleaning a skimmer. You can also clean the cartridges or backwash the filter. Pop up sweeping heads work like a lawn sprinkler and sweep the pool in designated areas. They can also be matched in colour to match the pool’s finish.

Traditional pool designs still use traditional methods such as robotic cleaners. These systems return the filtered water to the pool, and then return it to the surface via the eyeball. This allows the chemically treated water to remain close to the pool’s surface, while wind and sun can cause evaporation.

The pool cleaners in-floor circulate the pool water from top and bottom, removing any bacteria and algae. Water is constantly moving, so if it stops flowing the water will deteriorate and become contaminated with bacteria or algae.

The in-floor cleaning system is permanent and can be used to clean your pool. Many of these systems can be hidden and performed automatically every day, depending on their fittings.

Why choose in-floor pool cleaning

It’s a no brainer, really! When it comes to cleaning your swimming pool in-floor pool cleaning systems literally take the hassle away. Gone are the days where you need a robotic pool cleaner and those awful, outdated suction cleaners. That’s right! No extra gadgets to clean your pool. In floor pool cleaning systems are plumbed into your swimming pool concrete shell and are designed to be discrete yet effectively clean your pool without you have to buy extra pool cleaning gadgets or manually do it yourself!

8 Advantages of In Floor Cleaning System

Are you keen to learn about the advantages of in-floor swimming pool cleaning? We’ve taken the time to list 8 advantages around why you should choose to install in-floor pool cleaning system as part of your new pool project.

  1. It is a system that circulates water efficiently.
  2. There are no tangled hoses and equipment in the pool.
  3. In-floor cleaners can be installed within the concrete pool shell.
  4. This reduces the effort required to maintain and clean your pool.
  5. Heating water becomes more efficient when heated water is evenly distributed throughout the pool floor, starting at the bottom.
  6. In-floor cleaner requires only minimal maintenance.
  7. In-floor cleaning systems provide better chemical and heat distribution than pools without them.
  8. In-floor cleaning systems are more cost-effective in the long term.

Disadvantages Of In Floor Cleaning System

An In-floor pool cleaning system does have a heavier initial cost than that of your robotic and suction cleaners. However, the initial cost will save you money in the long run? Why? Well, robotic pool cleaners and suction cleaners have a smaller lifetime, and when you replace these over the years the cost adds up! Below are two disadvantages to consider.

  • Usually, a professional will be needed to provide any maintenance – although maintenance is generally limited. Here at Palm Beach Pools we offer a warranty.
  • Installing in-floor cleaning systems must be done correctly from the beginning by a licenced and registered dealer to ensure it’s strategically installed to cover all of the pool.

Get a Quote for In-floor Pool Cleaning

What are you waiting to do? For a free, no-obligation pool quote on in-floor cleaning, contact our team today. We will draft up the design as part of your initial quote.

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