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The Gold Coast summer heat is upon us, and it’s important to refresh on child safety around water and swimming pools. Many Gold Coast residents will recall a toddler hostipalised after a near drowning in Oxenford. However, unfortunately, in Australia too many young lives are taken each year to drownings. Children and water do not mix in isolation. It is crucially important that no matter the age or the swimming capability of your child, you maintain visual contact. Even children that know how to swim can be at risk of drowning in the shallowest of water.


There are some simple things you can do to ensure the safety of your kids around swimming pools in addition to maintaining visual contact. This includes ensuring your pools meets the minimum swimming pool fence and safety regulations. We have outlined just a few below.

  • Regularly check your pool fence to ensure the fence is secure, latches work, hinges are in good working order, and gates are self-closing properly.
  • Engage a fence inspector to carry out an annual fence inspection. 
  • CPR charts inside the pool area often become sun damaged, so be sure to replace this if you need to. – You can either by one online or head into your local Gold Coast pool shop.
  • Ensure there are no tree branches, outdoor furniture, or other obstructions that could be used as a climbing hazard into the pool area.
  • Remove any trip / slip hazards inside the pool area
  • Have you and your family completed a CPR refresher
  • Whenever your kids are in or around the pool keep a visual on them. It’s easy to get distracted from reading a book or checking your phone, so remove distractions to help you maintain the visual.
  • Make sure inflatable vests, water mats, and pool toys meet the relevant Australian Standards. It is important to note that floatation devices won’t prevent drowning.
Your children should follow the advice and direction provided by the lifesaver


  • Educate your kids on safety around the pool so they know how to look out for danger. This includes following pool rules, even if they see other children not following them.
  • Educate your kids on swimming safely and they know what to do in the event they.
  • Whilst swimming lessons themselves will not prevent drowning it will go along way in helping your child learn the basics of swimming. Superfish Swim Schools offer a comprehensive Drown Prevention Program. Be sure to enroll your child in swimming lessons from an early age.
  • If your child is swimming in a public pool educate them on obeying directions provided by the lifeguard.
  • If swimming at a beach educate your kids on swimming in between the flag.
lifeguard at the beach on water


Safety around the swimming pool or any body of water is the responsibility of everyone. Following some of the above points will go a long way in assisting with drowning prevention and protecting the safety around your swimming pool. For more information on how you can maintain safety get in touch with our team here at Palm Beach Pools Gold Coast and we can ensure you are well informed. 

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